Recipes for Relationships Part 1.

This past Wednesday I was blessed to share Part 1 of a new series on Relationships with my family in JProject. JProject is the Young Adults Ministry at the Potters House Church of Denver. 

Here are the notes from that discussion on Part 1: “Leading With Mercy”

Song:  Blessed are the Merciful -  Beautiful Eulogy

We are Social creatures: Meant to be in relationship with each other
Relationships cause great joy And they cause the most horrific pain

Often the Pain is because we put relationships together using the wrong pieces

  • we put the Wrong people
  • in the Wrong positions
  • we commit the Wrong actions
  • holding the Wrong expectations

Today we’re going to talk about the people, positions, actions and expectations so we can ensure that we have healthy and Jesus centered relationships.

The Three types of People in Life

  • Those we meet in life
  • Those with a place in our life
  • Those with whom we build our lives

Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

  • The bible says we should show mercy to everyone.

What is Mercy?

  • Mercy is withholding what is due someone
  • Mercy is when we do not get what we deserve
  • Mercy does not negate the wrong
  • Mercy does not reward the wrong
  • Mercy sees the wrong and moves forward without it

Why Show Mercy?

Matthew 6:14 If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you.

How do we show mercy?

By leading those we meet in faith. Jesus displayed mercy by the way he treated others and he he took the lead, outlining how to be merciful.

So How do you Lead?

  • By walking out your faith when no one is looking (someone is always looking)
  • By assertively forgiving those who do you wrong
  • By resisting and preventing gossip about people you don’t know
  • By the faithfulness of our word to people who can do nothing for you
  • By being generous to those who cannot repay you