Recipe for Relationship Part 3: Serving Love

Last week, I shared part 3 in our Recipes for Relationship series in JProject. We focused on the interactions we have with those with whom we build a life. Here are the notes from that session.

Song:  Fake Love - O’Conqueror

We are Social creatures: Meant to be in relationship with each other
Relationships cause great joy And they cause the most horrific pain

Often the Pain is because we put relationships together using the wrong pieces

  • we put the Wrong people
  • in the Wrong positions
  • we commit the Wrong actions
  • holding the Wrong expectations

Today we’re going to talk about the people, positions, actions and expectations so we can ensure that we have healthy and Jesus centered relationships.

The Three types of People in Life

  • Those we meet in life
  • Those with a place in our life
  • Those with whom we build our lives

Who are the people with whom we should build a life?

What do we do? We love them? How!

(Ephesians 5:25)

Before that we must first understand the nature of Christ himself.

John said God is love (1 john 4:8)

Furthermore he tells us that Jesus’ is the embodiment of that love (John 3:16)

And jesus himself tells us that He came to serve not to be served (Matthew 20:28)

Jesus purpose was to serve himself (love) as a sacrifice for us to have life.

The people in our inner circle are those we love by serving ourself on sacrifice

When both parties do this we build a life together.