The Guaranteed Way to Find Your Purpose... Or Your Money Back!

As a Pastor, one of my passions is helping people discover their God-given purpose. For some that journey is easy but for others, it can be difficult to ascertain our “why”. While there is no shortage of books or sermons on the topic of finding your destiny, there really is no guaranteed way to discover why you’re here… except this. 

First, let me tell you about a conversation I had this past week with a friend and member of The Dream Center Church, we’ll call him Sean. Sean had been struggling lately with a growing sense of discontentment concerning his work. He was growing discouraged and his words began to shift to the negative. After some prodding, Sean and I discovered much of his dissatisfaction had less to do with his position and more to do with his purpose. 

I asked Sean, “What are you here on Earth for?” He couldn't answer. It’s not that Sean doesn't have gifts or abilities that give him meaning, in fact he’s very talented. The issue is that Sean’s not sure which of those skills, gifts or callings are really his core purpose. And because he hasn't been able to discover his purpose, he’s been having a hard time measuring whether he’s succeeding. 

Have you ever felt that way: you’re good at what you do but you still don’t feel fulfilled? Have you ever found yourself asking if what you do actually matters? If so, that’s a sure fire sign that you’re not walking in your purpose. Now if you don’t now your purpose, how can you succeed? 

Sean and I chatted a little more about what he was made for and we quickly discovered that answering that question is far harder than any book, or sermon will ever tell you. Then Sean asked me a question that made finding purpose so simple, “So, how did you do it?” 

Interestingly enough, in my time spent helping others discover their purpose, I guess I never really used my own life experience to help with a strategy. Yet the answer is so simple, you’ll roll your eyes. 


In the very early days of my recovery from meth addiction I started to pray a prayer that was really more of a desperate cry for God to takeover my life than anything else. The good news is that he did and that prayer has remained my inner monologue ever since. It turns out this simple prayer, and the daily walk of surrender that accompanies it, are a guaranteed way for anyone to discover who they’re really created to be. 

Now don’t be mistaken, surrender is not a fun journey and the pray of surrender that I pray may be too difficult for some. In fact, when God answers this prayer it gets even harder to keep moving forward on that surrender path, but the results are perfect. 

The one guaranteed way I know to find your purpose is to surrender to God and allow him to do WHATEVER he wants to change you. It’s hard I know, but when you’re desperate to live a life worth living… it’s worth it. 

My prayer of surrender goes like this: 

God, I give you complete permission to do whatever you want in and with my life. Break what you want to break, remove who you want to remover and change what needs changing. Relieve me from the burden of leading my own life and please take full control. I will do what you want me to do and be who you want me to be. Amen. 

Purpose is on the way.